*NEW WEBSITE COMING* www.trythisteaching.com

Hi All,

Firstly, many thanks for using this toolkit! I have always said it will be a free resource for educators/teachers by educators/teachers. 

I am currently working with my soon to be publishers CrownHouse Publishing in making a new bespoke website. Hoping to have this ready for September 2016!! Very soon...

It will take on the same theme as my upcoming book will. (Still feels so weird saying/typing that!) 

The new website will be easier to navigate, search and use! It will also have a more teaching related website name.

The website address will be www.trythisteaching.com

The website is not currently live, as background work is still being completed!

The aim is to redirect all blog posts/searches from this toolkit to my new one. So we will not be taking them down, just putting a re-direct in place. 

The theme of my book and website will correlate with the message i've shared in many CPD sessions, TeachMeets and INSETs; Try This... the concept of trying a new idea, refining it and then if it doesnt work ditching it. The idea does not have to be a hugely innovative or creative one. The basis is about trying something new and my website and book can hopefully give you something to try...

Thanks again for your support!

Google + Profile records my toolkit at having had over 5 MILLION image views. Blogger has recorded over 1 MILLION hits!