What to do:

Ask students to personalise these posters based on your subject? Exam? Qualification you are teaching them...

This idea is based on my blog, where I feel we need to motivate students by asking them why they need to be motivated; essentially, what is their why?

Click here to read. (You can also download my 10-15 minute assembly on this topic.)

Thank you to +ICTEvangelist for the heads up for the software to create this poster!


Get Alumni to fill in the blanks and put these up around your school?

Should each subject area personalise these posters based on professions that link? Jobs that associate? pic.twitter.com/MWjONConCu
— Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli) June 4, 2016
Here is an example that @ICTEvangelist made quickly after seeing my idea

You're not sitting this exam to get a grade... pic.twitter.com/SjHru9PIqP

— Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) June 4, 2016

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