Os and Xs


A3 Paper, Pens

What to do:

Place 9 naughts and crosses grids on an A3 sheet of paper. In the centre grid identify 8 topic areas to revise and in the middle box a title or key topic area. Each topic area identified in the middle grid corresponds to one of the other 8 naughts and crosses grids. Pupils then have to place in each box a key word or term related to that topic area. This can be used as a retrieval activity or revision activity of key words. Pupils can then peer assess and add anything missed.


The grids could be left blank and pupils take it in turn with a partner to add a key word related to a topic area in each box. Pupils could use different coloured pens instead of writing an O or X. First person to get three in a row wins.
Images could be used instead of key words.

Another amazing guest post by @TomBrush1982