Plastic Wallets


Plastic Wallets, mark pens, wet wipes?

Buy some A3 plastic wallets here?

What to do:

Save some money/time/photocopying by getting students to complete self check/quick quizzes/worksheets by writing the answers on the plastic wallets!

Once completed and checked, they can simply wipe away their answers!

I saw this being used in one of our Science NQTs lessons. She had 6 different coloured worksheets, all getting more challenging. The students had to go to her, grab a worksheet, complete the answers on the plastic wallets, bring the answers back to be checked and then take another worksheet.


Get some students to be the 'checkers'?

Good to write over a worksheet- annotate information? Help with ASD students- a task management board?
Use a tech tool to show answers, so teacher can go around and support others?
Stick plastic sheeting of some sort over your display boards to get students to write on them too?

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