Iceberg Thinking


Something like the below image by @Englishlulu?

by @EnglishLulu

Haven't used these in a while, did today. Iceberg thinking. #pedagoofriday #engchatuk
— Englishlulu (@englishlulu) June 6, 2014

What to do:

We know that most of the mass of an iceberg is actually submerged beneath the water. We can't see how much. This is a little like learning. We need to ensure students understand more than the surface meaning of concepts/topics. 

So, why not try a task like @EnglishLulu has with her classes. It seems like a great way to move students to deeper learning and will help get them out their comfort zones, into the struggle zone. It will also help them Think Hard. 


Get students to write their own? Test another class?

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