Students work/text to work from

What to do:

Start January 2016 with students completing their 'best' piece of work. 

At the start of every academic year we get students coming to us in Year 7 to complete a short story. The aim is for them to produce their best piece of work, that will create the minimum benchmark for the rest of their work completed here in lessons. 

This work is marked, some simple feedback provided and stuck into the front cover of all their Year 7 books. This is to ensure, every teacher knows what the student's best looks like. 

However, why not do this, with all your students, irrespective of their age. Get them achieving and completing a really good piece of work. 

Allow them to do this in stages, with some marking and formative feedback, this can be written or provided orally. But, the overall objective is for them to create a piece of work that is truly excellent. 

Once, complete, remind them that this is now the minimum standard of work. As once they have completed that, they can now do better. 


See @Atharby's blog about this further here

Display their work on an Expecting Excellence display? 

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