Work Tree?


The outline of a tree?

What to do:

The post has been inspired by my extremely successful/popular idea- Share and Replace board.

I have also been considering the point of display boards after hosting @behaviourteach chat and having lots of educators tell me about having 'quiet spaces' and 'blank zones.' Where there are no displays! 
See my post about Displays here

So... the work tree/revision tree/homework tree/help tree...
Idea is to give students a chance to share their work and take others' work.

So, you could set a task to create a revision page on a topic, the students should complete the work and place it in the plastic wallets around the tree. 

Others should then, whenever they like come and take another students example. 

You could do this online via @padlet- see my examples here.


See the Roots and Fruits activity here.
Also, see up a Voucher Tree- more information here!

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