Thought Bombing

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Plastic Balls? Text

What to do:

Read full post/idea here by @LisaJaneAshes 

  1. Set a thought provoking question- get students emotionally involved in the question
  2. Give students 30 seconds each to provide an answer in pairs
  3. Connect pairs into triads and give another 30 seconds a pair to share their answers
  4. Introduce the Thought Bombs- Plastic balls with information about the scenario added in
  5. Get the Thought Bombs passed around the room, literally read, put back in the ball and throw around the room
  6. Get students to then prepare a persuasive speech about the question
  7. Students should use Hexagons (around 6) to write their speech
  8. Within each hexagon they must use a particular language feature- such as, hyperbole, alliteration, metaphor and so on.
  9. Then ask students to add connectives between each hexagon by writing a connective and placing alongside the speech
  10. Students present
I did this first hand today at a conference Lisa and I were both presenting in run by @OptimusEducation. It really is a great idea!


You can vary any of the above points!
Click here for my post about Hexagonal learning!

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