This idea originated from me writing this blog after sending out the tweet below. in regards to the Paris attacks. 

What is #FaithBoxED

The plan is to get Muslims students/educators and others interacting from parts of the United Kingdom where otherwise they simply wouldn't bump into each other or get to know each other. 

    Islam in United Kingdom is the second largest religion with results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,786,635, 4.4% of the total population. The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom live in England: 2,660,116 (5.02% of the population).
    40% of England's Muslims live in London, where they make up more than 12.4% of the population. As stated in the 2011 census Office for National Statistics.
Here is the article with more information regarding the statistics above.

This whole idea is underpinned by the extremely successful global project #CultureBoxED 

What do you have to do:

Once you have signed up via- 


I will pair schools together up across the UK.

Click here for Round 1 of Pairs!

It will then be the schools responsibility to get in touch with each and organise the logistics of the exchange. 

Some ideas for your #FaithBoxED exchange are:

  • National flags of the countries that the students/parents in your class come from?
  • A recording of the various spoken languages- a book/tape/CD/DVD to learn? 
  • Menus/reciepes of how to cook most commonly food eaten at home? Some ingredients to do so?
  • Official clothing? Why do they wear those items? Images of those items? Maybe those items too?
  • Key rings/postcards from national landmarks that represent their faith in the UK? Why do they attend there?
  • Skype lessons with each other? Work partners? 
  • Video messages? Things they want each other to know?
  • Pictures? Photos? Paintings? That represent them?
  • Handwritten letters? Pen Pal exchange?
  • Religious links to this country. Historical links to their religion?
  • Example of school planner? Pictures/Maps of your school building? Lessons? Times of the day? Uniform?
  • Facts and info about your predominant cultures/religion? 

Here is a good website to talk about Islam/Muslims

Also follow to ask questions about Islam/Muslims- for more information click here.

Safe Guarding Info:

Teachers may wish to present this document to other Staff Members, Principals/Head Teachers or Parents should there be any questions regarding the #FaithBoxED project

- #FaithBoxED is purely for educational purposes and for students to connect with other parts of the country through the use of concrete/physical materials
- No identities or personal information about students will be given out
- No photos/videos of students will be given out unless teachers have the appropriate permission
- Contents of the #FaithBoxED are to be of no illegal nature or of a nature that could be stopped in customs and prevent it from reaching its destination for educational purposes
- Cost of sending the #FaithBoxED is to be covered by teacher or school depending what teachers have discussed with colleagues
- #FaithBoxED is a non-profit project with the goal of achieving local/national connections/understanding between students and classes

To be filled out by teacher if presenting to other colleagues.

Main Purpose:

Subject area link:

Outcome or learning goal to be achieved:

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