Acts of Kindness


To be honest 'acts of kindness' is a really simply idea to spread a bit of joy and humanity. All you need are a few ideas.

What to do:

I've used 'acts of kindness' with my form group in a couple of ways.
Firstly we played an acts of kindness bingo game.

My form group came up with ideas for sharing kindness and joy with others and created a grid of ideas. Each time a student completed an act of kindness they put their initials on a sticker and placed it on the grid. The aim was for all pupils to get their initials on each act of kindness before the end of term.

More recently I have created an acts of kindness countdown to Christmas, instead of providing an advent calendar this year I want my form to share a bit of festive spirit and to see that Christmas is more than just consumerism and that spreading joy and happiness is just as important (if not more so).


Do this in the month of Ramadan too?

Guest post by @MrsHumanities