Can you Catch Up?


Students books

What to do:

Create a expecting excellence/model/exemplar book to help students who miss your lessons to catch up with the work and thus creating an expecting excellence ethos in your class too!

Do this by photocopying a page(s) of completed class work from each lesson from one students book. But make sure over the year these pages are photocopied from a variety of students books.
Then stick these into an blank book. In the same size/colour/type of book the students are currently using. 
If a student misses a lesson, give them that book to catch up?
If they lose their book, give them the example book to copy up?
Ensuring you photocopy a variety of students work doubles up with showing those students their work is excellent enough for others to learn from too. I have provided a small incentive if their work makes it in the class model/exemplar book! I also place a sign on the top left of the page that in the students book to show this page has been photocopied for our expecting excellence book!


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