About Me Corner...


Printer/paper etc!

What to do:

This post links to my idea about relationships, getting to know your students and so on!

Why not create an About Me section in your classroom! Before you say, we already do this for my tutor group and so on, I mean, about you!?

I have started this, but as I don't have my own classroom I have done this outside my office. 
My display (Pic to follow!) contains...

My age? my hobbies, books I like, films I like, places I have visited, want to visit, information about my siblings, what MY ASPIRATIONS are, languages I speak, previous jobs/experiences and qualifications, favourite memory so far, what I was like at school and so on?

The hope is for this to spark conversation with your students, for them to realise you are human and ultimately for you to create a better relationship with your students!


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