TRY-athlonED September



What to do:

Inspired by this Cancer Research UK Tv Advert... I began to think what can I do... (As I am Muslim, I do not drink Alcohol.)

So I challenge you educators to TRY-ATHLON.

In September you must try the following things...12 in total! 4 School weeks in September- 3 a week. 

You can do them in any order you want!

If/when you complete your try-athlon, then maybe write a blog post/send a tweet and copy this post into it? Use the hashtag #TryathlonED

  1. Sign up a colleague to Twitter/Start your own blog/Join in on a Twitter chat
  2. Do what you been meaning to for such a long time- gym? club? cinema?
  3. Run a 'Penless' classroom for a day
  4. Go to a TeachMeet/Present at a TeachMeet/Organise a TeachMeet
  5. Skype/Google Hangout/Facetime an educator in a different location to you
  6. Do not use Tech/Internet for a whole day
  7. Try to use an activity/resource/app from this toolkit that you wouldn't normally
  8. Make 5 positive phone calls home a day for a week
  9. Network with your local school colleagues- swap resources/stories/ideas
  10. Set an extended homework project like this-
  11. Make that display you been meaning to!
  12. Let your student(s) take your lessons for you!
Let me know how you get on!!

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