Book Selfie


A phone? Camera? Or an APP like iDoceo. (Video tutorial as to how here!)

What to do:

The idea is to tell students at the start of the lesson that, at the end of the lesson, they will have an opportunity to ‘request a selfie’ by drawing a camera symbol in their books. At the end of the lesson, those students who have requested a selfie, get a picture of their work taken and emailed home to their parents.

Click on link below for further details including a video guide to using your iPad in order to do this in a matter of seconds.


Full class selfies without request, random selfies, homework selfies

(Please note there are no 'Selfies' involved in this! The self bit is represented by the students work!

Guest post and idea by @mathedup Full post here!

I've been trying this out for a few lessons with my year 10s. Quality of work improving! Easy with @idoceo #RAG123
— MathedUp! (@MathedUp) October 21, 2014

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