Wiki What?


Google search your 'item' and add the word wikipedia at the end.
E.G- What is Photosynthesis Wikipedia

What to do:

When you click on the link-  replace the en with the word simple and then hit refresh/enter-!
You will now find a more simplified, maybe more accessible version of the information you requested!


Use Google Search to get the right reading level resources for your students. Click here for more information!

Idea by Sam Daunt!
Teacher tip: on Wikipedia, replace 'en' with 'simple' to get a simplified, more child-friendly version. #ukedchat
— Sam Daunt (@samdaunt) July 13, 2015

P.S- Always tell your students to quote their sources when researching. Ask them for the links too. I often warn them about the issues behind websites such as wikipeadia and also remind them that Siri is not a source! :)

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