Delayed Video Feedback


BaM (Bust A Move) video delay- APP- click here. Android- click here.

What to do:

BaM Video Delay is an app that allows you to film students on a delay of up to 2 minutes. Just set the delay of how long you want and start filming.

The image broadcast on the iPad will be to whatever delay you set it to. 

For example in PE it can be set up at the end of the long jump pit so students perform their jump and then walk out of the back of the pit to then view their own performance, which has been delayed on the iPad as per your input.

This is a fantastic app for showing visual feedback particularly for those students that always think they are doing it right no matter what you tell them!! 

If linked to a projector it is even better as students do not even have to look at the iPad they can view it on the big screen.  


Could be used in drama/music to watch back a short scene/performance or in design technology to view a demonstration. 

Guest post by @PEBrado

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