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Click above for my workshop slides from Northern Rocks on Saturday the 13th of June 2015!

Remember download the slides, click full screen as all the titles are hyperlinked to posts here in the toolkit!

Northern Rocks Workshop- Amjad Ali- @ASTSupportaali from Mr A Ali


Here are some of the other presentations that have been tweeted out from fellow presenters.

An animation of my slides from #NRocks on Developing Great Teaching is available here: @TeacherDevTrust
— David Weston (@informed_edu) June 13, 2015

NEW POST: Leadership for Great Teaching @NRocks2015 #NRocks Teaching is complex, so planning should be collaborative
— Stephen Tierney (@LeadingLearner) June 14, 2015

With this post, @debrakidd launches the #NRocks #blogsync "characterised by humanity, kindness, hope & positivity” ›
— Christopher Waugh (@Edutronic_Net) June 14, 2015

If you missed from earlier,our slides from yesterday at the brilliant @NRocks2015 with the brilliant @PsychologyMarc
— Mark Healy (@cijane02) June 14, 2015

@Eddkykashun's workshop information here.

Search the hashtag too- #NRocks 

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