Download the Periscope APP here.

What to do:

Periscope is a 'newish' APP that has hit the world with a bang! It is simply a live streaming APP. Nothing is needed but your camera, your internet connection and camera.

I feel there are many ways it could be used in education! 

Caution must be taken in ensuring all safeguarding procedures relevant to young people/your school is adhered to!

How can you use Periscope: (In my opinion...)

  1. Live stream revision/homework/catch up sessions for students after school who may not be able to stay?
  2. Show off a school trip/experience with parents?
  3. Live stream a whole school production/sporting game/day/event/evening?
  4. Personalised feedback to students- analysis/live marking? Students to students?

Remember Periscope allows you to watch/catch up/re-watch live streamed videos!


There is also another APP called MeerKat. See here.
@RLJ1981 has written her top 5 ways here!

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