You need this website, created by @Pepsmccrea 
Here is a how to use Staffrm guide by +ICTEvangelist 

What to do:

This website is an amazing platform to reflect and engage with other like minded individuals. I have read some amazing short, snappy posts. (There is a 500 word limit!)
The graphics are engaging, the tagging system is great and the notifications stream is helpful.

We all know there is a place for Twitter in education. See here for +ICTEvangelist's Guide To Twitter, but +Staffrm really is a great place to browse, reflect and engage! (Check out this post here by @MrLockyer on the different types of Staffrm users! 

Try it out today!


Here are some of my favourite posts!

  1. Marking Club by @Jade_Thomas2011
  2. Why I led Inset for 109 Staff by @NataliehScott
  3. A Collision of Personal Legends by @Abbiemann1982
  4. Lets Not Ditch Differentiation by @JulesDaulby 
  5. Lost Leaders by @JillBerry
  6. Flipped Classroom or Blended Learning by @CLSSimon
  7. Outstanding School Fallacy by +Carl Hendrick 
  8. Making Teaching Better by @RLJ1981
  9. What Do You Love  by @Assetteach
  10. I Don't Write For You by @DavidErogers 

Check out the #ThisisMe stories here created by @CJAbracher, Almost all of posts by @Helenamarsh and the #TeacherDen stories here by @ASTSupportAAli 

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