Walking Talking Mock


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What to do:

Students are sat in a normal exam hall (preferable the one where they would sit their actual exam) and are given the exam paper. 

(See Context Dependent Learning Idea!) 

The PowerPoint is displayed where all students can see it and a member of staff talks them through what they need to do at each stage in the exam, including timings. They are told how to read the source material, what skills are tested in each question and how to it. They are then given a strict amount of time (in exam conditions) to write their response. They are then stopped and the process is repeated for the next stage/question.


Students with extra time are told to leave space at the end of each question and are allowed to return to it at the end of the exam, where they are given their extra time in one lump sum. In order to see how much extra time is required, students write their extra time work in a different colour.

Idea posted by English Department at Cheney School

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