Yesterday I presented a 7 minute presentation to over 500 Teachers at the London Excel Arena. (Pretty much identical to what I would have presented if I was selected last year! Shows how popular these activities really are!)
I shared the following top tips from posts here on the toolkit.

This looks fab!!! @ASTsupportAAli 'Half table, half whiteboard' #tmbett15 pic.twitter.com/zgsh6uRQ2y
— Dee Bee (@b3y0ndth3b0x) January 23, 2015

Help desk in classroom space with student volunteers @ASTsupportAAli #TMBett15 #Bett2015 pic.twitter.com/M7QMPQ1hAL
— Clara Galán (@MsClaraGalan) January 23, 2015

#TMBett15 @ASTsupportAAli Literacy numeracy geog history plasters. Parent marking. Love it. http://t.co/GVUqZiRQWO pic.twitter.com/cgnHV0pCPN
— UK Teacher (@uk_teacher) January 23, 2015

There were some incredible presentations but in particular I liked @Natkin!

Neil Atkin @natkin What are they thinking - or are they thinking at all? #TMBETT15 #ukedchat pic.twitter.com/NP9qSj7FNm
— UKEdChat (@ukedchat) January 23, 2015
He presented about humanising learning. He shared with us that asking a question, then showing an answer may not present learning to young people in the best possible format!

There was a plug for #TMLondon by @ITeachRE and presentation about pastoral support in learning.

In the meantime, my presentation is here: http://t.co/qRoW3nnPHa #TMBett15 #Pastoral
— Andy Lewis (TD-RE) (@iTeachRE) January 23, 2015

It was great meeting many of you in real life- too many to mention! (Such as the entire team of +LendMeYourLiteracy!)

However, its a shame that +ICTEvangelist missed his slot and +Brett Salakas Live Google Hangout from Australia didn't work. 
@DavideRogers was hilarious as ever! Also @AbbieMan1982 shared her amazing Well Being bags ideas with everyone!

@RachelSwinburne: Teachmeet selfie challenge @davidErogers @EducationAlex #TMBett15 pic.twitter.com/OD6PhTV4oz” The Trio Zorro 😀
— Sean McDermott (@scjmcd) January 23, 2015
Thank you @DigitalMaverick for organising and @EducationAlex for the company!

See me present next at #TMReading...

Thank you to @UKEDCHAT for the photo!