Spoken Word


The below video clips.

What to do:

Share these songs/raps/music/spoken word with your students in a spare 5 minutes, or as a starter/plenary.

The topics discussed are related to being a global citizen. I have used many of the pieces in a unit called Citizenship through Music.

Try Dear Mr President- By Pink.

Or Flobots- No Handlebars.
Don't Hide It by Lowkey
Racist People- Roll Deep.
Terrorist- Lowkey
Foreign- Hollie McNish
Marshall Jones- TouchScreen

There are many more, some of my favourites to get students really thinking are,


Here are some for you- personally, as Teachers!

By Mark Grist- Teachers, Eh?

By Talor Mali- What Teachers Make.

watch this
Posted by Dario Polito on Saturday, 11 October 2014

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