Revision Rooms


Whatever you need for revision!

What to do:

Here on my toolkit, I have added an idea heard from Sir Tim Brighouse presented at #TMOxford about context dependent learning. Click here. (Includes a video clip!)

The idea is based around teachers holding revision sessions in areas/places students will sit their exams to help prompt their memories during their exams.

Revision Rooms: Get students to revise in different rooms of their house. Link the room to a particular subject. E.G- Kitchen for Science, link the common features of a kitchen e.g the sink to an important feature of the exam. Get them to move to another room when revising another subject.

May stop the boredom/time in one area that then stops students from revising?
May help students remember key points through the well ingrained features of particular rooms?


Click here for my detailed post about revision.
Click here for a YouTube clip about Context Dependent Memory.