Trendy Starter


You need access to Twitters 'trending' page. (Remember you can filter the trends to make them specific to you/your location.)

Use this Twitter template created by @LessonToolbox here!

What to do:

Scan through what is trending on the day of your lesson? An hour before? Or a minute before your lesson?

Then ask students as a DNA (click here for an explanation) to create a sentence or speak about your lesson/previous lesson using the hashtag... e.g:

#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant... or as above #BandAid.

This will help create social awareness and requires students to think about how to be concise with their thoughts as you could restrict them to 140 characters like a tweet?

This could also make your lesson very cross curricular too.
You could use a Tweet Template- click here.


Ask your class to create hashtags out of your lesson content?

Trigger revision with them?
Create a Storify out of the tweets. Click here for more information. 

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