Periodically Maths


Download the resources for this from here.

What to do:

Using the template write your own definitions along with an abbreviation (make a note of which abbreviations you've used so as not to repeat them. Do not try to make them fit with the "actual" elements of a real periodic table. 
Print each "group" onto different colour paper then laminate and use to form your own subject periodic table.

Credit to Paul Sutherland (@paulsuvs) who kindly shared his work-in-progress maths periodic table, which was based on an idea in an English classroom from James Theobald (@James Theo).

Here is my periodic table of English, for those asking for it
— James Theobald (@JamesTheo) March 21, 2014

Guest post by @Just_Maths


This is suitable for any subject where you can group over-arching topics or themes which can be defined.

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