Bodysuits (the disposable DIY kind) £1 each from B&Q, Poundland etc. 5-6 suits will be sufficient for a class of 30 in groups.
Post-it notes & sellotape (post-its don't stick so well on their own and you may want to reuse the suits)
Marker pens (makes comments visible)

What to do/Variations:

Many different ways to use these body suits!

In each scenario, one group member wears the bodysuit and helps to direct where post-its are stuck on to the suit. The rest of the group determine what to write on the post-its and where is appropriate to stick them.

Science: to revise key organs, placement and then how they work together to raise the leel of thinking. You can scaffold this with diagrams if needed - or quickly peer assess by comparing the bodysuits in a identi-parade at the front!

Citizenship: Medical ethics. What price would you put on organ donataions - why? Then develop with a big question: if the only way to save your life would be to buy an organ on the blackmarket, would you? Use a physical value line to show and then pick on people to justify.

English: Concious Alley - one student dons the suit. The rest write all the rumours, gossip, things that are said about the character on a post-it and then form a close alley that the bosy-suited character must walk down. They whisper and yell their gossip and stick the post-its on as he passes. If this is too much fun for the degree of empathy needed get them to put themselves inside that skin by imagining they had had to write the horrible things they hear and fear about themselves. How would it have felt to have had everyone say those things as you walked past?

MFL: name body parts and associated sports or activities/phrases.

Guest Post by @SandraTowers