Not a regular/usual post from me but more of a summary of the key messages I learnt today at #TLT14...

Session 1:

@TeacherTweaks workshop on differentiation. Their blog here. Presentation here.

Teacher tweaks #tlt14 presentation from debbieandmel

Main takeaway messages for me:

Read these four books. 

Links to posts here on my toolkit; my post on Differentiation and Growth Mindset.

Session 2:

@ShaunAllison workshop on feedback. His blog here.

Main takeaway messages for me:

Links to posts here on my toolkit; re-doing, modelling, DIRT, half exercise books, plasters for marking, Onion, Dot Marking, Green/Pink

Mark like a lawyer! No leading questions. Avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no! #TLT14
— Amjad All (@ASTsupportAAli) October 18, 2014

Session 3:

@MaryMyatt workshop on Leadership and School Improvement. Her blog here.
Here presentation here.

TLT14 Presentation @MaryMyatt from Mr A Ali

Main takeaway messages for me:

Links to my posts; my post on my blog- inclusion

Session 4:

@JillBerry102 workshop on stepping up into Headship. 
(I know I am not ready for Headship, just really wanted to see/hear Jill Berry!)

Main takeaway messages for me:

Links to my posts; My newtothepost blog. And Sir Tim Brighouse!

There were other amazing sessions being run which I am really disappointed that I could not attend, for example Tom Sherrinton, David Rogers, Rachel Jones, (Also got to sign a copy of her Don't Change The Lightbulbs book that I contributed a chapter too.) John Sayers, John Tomsett, Lisa Jane-Ashes (Thanks for the book for #TMOxford!) & Samantha Bainbridge, Kerry Pullen, Chris Hildrew, Andy Tharby, Eric Wareham, Chris Curtis, Sian Carter & Jen Ludgate, David Fawcett and Andy Day.  

Thank you to Andy Knill for sharing Session Builder with his fan of Global Solo taxonomy users during the Genius Bar lunchtime sessions. 

Search Twitter using the hashtag #TLT14 to catch up with the tweets!

Overall a massive thanks to David Fawcett and Jenny Ludgate for organising and putting on another amazing event. Well done!

If you are interested in some more FREE CPD then sign up for #TMOxford...

Some ideas from me for next time... obviously these are just my opinions...

Sessions on:

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