Refinement Log


A brick wall template- download from here.
Using this tomorrow - thanks @jobaker9 and @pekabelo - love it! Xx
— Art Teacher (@LeedsArtTeacher) October 7, 2014

What to do:

Use this template to log all the feedback/changes you ask a student to make to their work.
The idea is to build success, step by step. Brick by brick.
This is a perfect way to demonstrate effective teacher student dialogue. 

The idea is to keep the students drafting and redrafting their work until it is excellent.
Expecting nothing short of excellent is vital. 


Create the log in a variety of formats- maybe a group of circles?

Students could also be asked what it take to be successful. They could write in those items in another colour. 

This post was inspired totally by @Pekabelo. The idea was added to by @JoBaker9- click here to read more. The idea by Pete Jones was then created by @LeedsArtTeacher who made the above template. Excellent teamwork!!

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