Market Place


Some question grids/prompts.

What to do:

  1. Students are organised into groups and given a topic. (Max. of 5 students in a group.)
  2. They are then given various sources to prepare their 'market stall.' (Textbooks, computer/tablet, information sheets, exercise books, teacher?) 
  3. The task they are given for their 'market stall' is up to you; students can for example create a poster using no more than 20 words and 5 pictures. Or create a mind map, or an identity-scape. 
  4. Once the allocated time is up (15 minutes max.) Students should then nominate a researcher to go round to the other stalls to go and gather answers. 
  5. The remaining group members become the experts and must answer the questions of the other researchers. 
  6. Once the allocated time is up again, (10 minutes max.) The researchers come back and help the experts fill in the gaps in their worksheets by teaching them.


Reduce sources
Increase/Decrease times/researchers/questions.

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