Remix Lessons


Whatever resources you used for your previous lesson...

What to do:

I have found that whenever I listen to a good song, often I love the remix. Whilst I listen to the original and the remix together, I find it easier to remember the words. Different sections trigger my thoughts. Graham Nuthall says the same; that we need to experience learning in three differing contexts for us to solidify it. (Amongst other things of course!)

So I am thinking how about after I have delivered an effective lesson, (where all students have been pushed and challenged. Therefore allowing them to make mistakes, providing me with an opportunity to give feedback to allow the students to learn.) I should then repeat that lesson but with a twist...
bit like a remixed song.

Same objectives/intentions/aims. But, with a different tasks, different feeling, pace, challenge, tasks?
The students should be aware it is the same lesson, but you are mixing it up to enable learning to be embedded. It also aids with retrieval and retention. 


Get students to deliver the lesson in groups? Pairs?

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