Piece of the Puzzle


Need an A3 or A4 piece of paper, cut into shapes- that connect together like pieces of a puzzle.

What to do:

When organising groups you can get students to simply find all the pieces that will complete the puzzle (page). You cut up the pieces based on however many people you want in a group. Once the students have created their A4/A3 piece of paper they will know the students they will be working with. 

You can also write facts on the pieces of the puzzle, which students then have to put together to complete their puzzle. To make this more challenging all groups can be given the puzzles cut out in the same shapes. They should be told their are 4 pieces to each puzzle. Students will then need to think about the facts written down and how they link with the other pieces before they can complete their puzzle and not just connect the shapes! 

Or, Students can create their own puzzles and test each other?

Or, you can write a question on the back of each piece. The answer to this question can only be found on another piece of the puzzle. 


You can make it easier for the students by using coloured paper?