Pic of the day-LMYL


A Smartboard/projector/screen and your choice of picture and writing challenge from http://lendmeyourliteracy.com/category/pic-of-the-day/

What to do:

This free resource aims to encourage young people to engage in creative writing. Designed by current teachers, the LMYL Picture of the Day can simply be shown on a screen to give an instant writing stimulus.

Each new daily picture comes with a writing prompt, SPAG challenge and philosophical questions. The perfect way to start every school-day, the LMYL Picture of the Day is ideal for getting your pupils engaged and on-task from the moment they enter the classroom.

An example from my Year 8 students using LMYL's Picture of the Day in action click here.

Please feel free to share the work produced on lendmeyourliteracy.com where your children will receive comments from our worldwide audience to motivate and inspire them.


Edit/adapt the prompts for your own classes?
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