Landscapes in a Box


Used shoe boxes
Assessment cover sheet and peer marking sheet for follow up.

What to do:

This idea was found from the DigGeog website (Original activity by Alan Parkinson via an Article in Teaching Geography magazine.)

Students are to create their own landscape in a box! They should aim to use recycled cardboard and sustainable materials only! (These are further learning oppurtunities.) 

The landscape in a box idea is aimed to bring together understanding about a topic but also provide opportunity for further research, creativity and independent learning. Pupils also have to provide a written piece about their landscape which allows for differentiation.

Students could be asked to present their landscape in a box, whilst a soundtrack selected by them is played. Other students could peer-assess and write a report for each box.


This idea does not need to stay within the realm of geography - English, languages, D&T, maybe even business could create 'landscapes' related to their area of study.

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