Don't Change The Lightbulbs

Don’t Change the Light Bulbs
A Compendium of Expertise from the UK’s Most Switched-on Educators
by Rachel Jones (Curator).
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Don’t Change the Light Bulbs offers tips and hints on how to be the best teacher you can be, and is written by some of the most respected leaders in education today. It covers primary, secondary and post 16 phases, in addition to cross curricular sections on leadership, ICT, inclusion, creativity, SEN and tutoring. It also presents the practical advice of those who have been there and done it and who now want to share their collective wisdom with you. The aim of which is to make education better, not just in your classroom but for everyone.
A useful and inspirational book, it can be read straight through, or dipped in and out of for subject specific advice. A one-stop shop to inspire, invigorate and re-energise teachers and leaders alike, it’s comprehensively written and covers an exceptional subject breadth. 

There is something for everyone, as it provides hints and ideas from both sides of the knowledge/skills debate, and challenges the perceived divide between primary and secondary pedagogy.

Don’t Change the Light Bulbs will provoke discussion, not only over its useful ideas, but also  because of how it seeks to rethink the way we see imagined dichotomies in education. The wise words found within its pages will inspire your teaching, encouraging and supporting you, whilst you are stimulated to think outside of the classroom walls.

For use by, and of interest to, everyone involved in the education sector.

Contributors include:

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  4. Dan Williams @Furtheredagogy
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Format: Paperback
Size: 184 x 254mm
Pages: 240 pages
Published: September 2014
ISBN 13: 9781781352113