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 Please note the change in hashtag from the very first one of #CultureBox to #CultureBox2. We are now using #CultureBoxED

What is #CultureBoxED

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More Information:

#CultureBoxEd was originally launched after an exhilarating #AussieED chat session on Sunday the 7th of August 2014! @kabradders @madgiemgedu and me @astsupportaali thought it would be amazing to organise for teachers on Twitter an exchange of cultural gifts across the world from one school to another for their students! Now in August 2015, we are still going strong!! Having completed 2 rounds of Culture Box!

Twitter truly is a global classroom and teachers are becoming more and more connected daily. (See my TwitterCoaching idea for example!) 

We want our students to share in a journey and become more globally and culturally aware. With the current turmoil across the world, we thought something must be done to ensure our students do not think the representations of the minorities in the media are not the voices/feelings/emotions of the many. 

So, the idea is simple; Click here for a Google form asking for your details/location/students ages. It will also ask for the culture of the #CultureBoxED you would like to share/receive! 

Please fill this in with as much detail as possible to help us pair up the schools!

Once sign up is complete and after pairing teachers, they will be given details of their partner school and able to get in touch with each other and then eventually, physically send each other their #CultureBox2 packages! 

Whilst preparing for/your #CultureBoxED you can get get your students to complete research projects about the countries they are sending the #CultureBoxED to, or you could set up Skype classroom sessions with them. You can plan fundraising activities to fund the boxes, or sponsorship letters. 

Does this sound like a good idea?

It is important to note that the these boxes that are to be packed full of cultural items that do not over simplify/generalise/stereotype

For example, me, as an Asian, Muslim, British, Pakistani, I wouldn't want my culture to be 'boxed' into Bollywood and Curry!

Some ideas for what you can/might send in the #CultureBox2
  • National flag?
  • A recording of the national anthem/spoken language- a book/tape/CD/DVD to learn the national language(s)?
  • National food from the country (that won't go off and can get through customs etc!)
  • Official clothing? 
  • Key rings/postcards from national landmarks? 
  • Video messages
  • Pictures? Photos? Paintings? 
  • Handwritten letters? Remember safeguarding concerns below!? 
  • Religious links to the country? 
  • A sporting item? National Sport of the country?
  • A cuddly toy of the National Animal?
  • Example of school planner? Pictures/Maps of your school building? Lessons? Times of the day?
  • Facts and info about your predominant cultures? 
There is also an option to send a Multi-cultural box...!

Needless to say, students will not send boxes to each other direct. Teachers will organise the links and communicate with each other only. They will receive and send the packages- no details will be exchanged between the young people.

Safe Guarding Info:

Click here for document.

Teachers may wish to present this document to other Staff Members, Principals/Head Teachers or Parents should there be any questions regarding the #CultureBoxED project

- #CultureBoxED is purely for educational purposes and for students to connect with other parts of the world through the use of concrete/physical materials
- No identities or personal information about students will be given out
- No photos of students will be given out unless teachers have the appropriate permission
- Contents of the #CultureBox2 are to be of no illegal nature or of a nature that could be stopped in customs and prevent it from reaching its destination for educational purposes
- Cost of sending the #CultureBox2 is to be covered by teacher or school depending what teachers have discussed with colleagues
- #CultureBox2 is a non-profit project with the goal of achieving global connections/understanding between students and classes

To be filled out by teacher if presenting to other colleagues.

Main Purpose:

Subject area link:

Outcome or learning goal to be achieved:

Here are some highlights previous rounds of #CultureBoxED

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