Parent Marking


Letter to send home to parents including title/objective of homework, along with the mark scheme and grading criteria. 

What to do:

In order to get parents more engaged with their childs' learning and to generate an increase in student's motivation in homework, ask parents to get involved in this scheme.

Send an initial letter home to parents informing them of this initiative; which is to ask them to mark one piece of homework. Detail clearly in the letter the task their child has been set and what is expected from that task. (A parent friendly set of success criteria too!)

Parents are then asked to mark that piece of homework. Students should then bring this into school with them. 

Parents should be left to provide feedback in any manner they wish?

If successful for you, then remind students that the next piece of homework that their parents mark will be 'randomly' selected!

Doing this will open up a massive opportunity for conversation.

How about you use this opportunity to train your parents up on a particular area- such as how to look out for SPAG. Or for specialist language?


Ask parents to set the homework for a unit of work?

Get feedback from parents about their childs book- more information here!

Idea adapted from Mr Pattinson- Citizenship legend! 

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