Instant Punctuation


You will need a PC or Mac with a projector for this activity.  An interactive board makes it easier, but is not essential.  You can download the software for Mac or PC from here

What to do:

Find a well written text on any topic that suits the level of your students.  You could write something specifically for this or you can use it to embed a specific topic into the literacy task.  

Decide if you want to run it as a competitive game or not (the game has a counter for 2 or 3 teams) then organise your class to suit.  

Simply cut and paste the text from Word or the website into the text box on the app and click on the “Start” button.

The app will take out all full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and capital letters and just leave lower case, unpunctuated text.  

The app also tells you the number of words that have mistakes in the top right.
Students can then call out words that they think have issues, and the teacher (or even a student) clicks on the word.  If there is a correction that can be made, the background goes green (for a single point).  The students can then try to correct the error (or errors if there is a capital and missing punctuation) for additional points.  Obviously if they fail it can be passed over to the other side.

NB: The App isn’t intelligent, it just removes the punctuation in the original text so cannot accept alternative correct answers, although as a teacher you obviously have discretion over the allocation of marks.

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