Display material

What to do:

Go round and ask your staff, teachers and support/associate staff the following questions...

Before and during your time at this school;

Then get all these made into a display!

Display created by a learning mentor- (Katie O'Shea).

Above is draft 1 of our board... We are planning on adding more quotes, triple mounting the words and laminating. Ideally I would have these as stickers and framed! (Watch this space!)

The top of the board reads...
These are some of the things staff have done before and whilst working at Cheney...
The middle quote summarises the reason for the display! Lots of students have been asking questions such as, who is a Grade 8 actor? Who ran a business? Which one?

It is a really great way to show students that education can open many different doors but so too can experience and skills. 


Make a display board of skills that your students have too? Outside of school? Get each department to do it?

Make an Alumni board?
Phase 1- expecting excellence display. Praising effort not attainment. #ukedchat #edchatie #aussieed #tlap
— Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli) February 12, 2015