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What to do:

Use the idea of a lesson being like a Camera.

Focus- Set clear objectives. We are learning... so that... Ensure the objective is based on learning and not a task. 

Capture- Ask students to capture their exact learning in the lesson. Where was their Eureka moment? Maybe it was when a series of lessons now connected together? What does learning look like?

Develop- What could the student do better? Could you demonstrate it?

Shot- FAIL- after all failing is just the first attempt in learning. What feedback has been provided; how can they do what they have just done, again; this time even better?

Focus/Capture/Develop/Shot- How could you incorporate this into your lessons?


Could this be used as an idea for observing lessons without a grade?

Focus- what was the aim of the observation? Why was the observer there? What did they want to see had been developed.

Capture- How can the observer capture the learning? What was happening? How? Why?

Develop- How could the lesson be better?

Shot- Instead of setting targets, talk about what an outcome will look like and set outcomes?

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