Click here for an example venn!

Guest post by twitter.com/@rondelle10_b

What to do:

The Venn diagram tool is a useful way to help extend student thinking.
The simplest way is to have two aspects of a similar concept that are to b compared, so that students then note the similarities and differences.

An example of this is shown in the PowerPoint, where Y12 students had to compare alkanes and alkenes: (You can number your pupils to already show who will explain what element of the venn.)
This is activity can be used as part of a starter or plenary and is a useful way of summarising concepts that students have learnt.


Display the list of relevant keywords that students can then add to their venn diagrams.

A little challenge can be incorporated by having one or two words which are red herrings.

In addition, EAL students can have images in place of words which they can place into the relevant sections of the tool.