Metro Map


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What to do:

Give each student one metro map and one travel card.

Students read the question on their travelcard and identify which route on the metro map they need to follow (stated at the bottom of the card).

Following the route allows students to select appropriate key terms for their answer. 
Linking the key terms should also help the students link their points logically and give an ordered account of any concept or process that needs to be described or explained.

The finished answer can then be either self-assessed or peer-assessed using the markscheme on the back of the travelcard.

Ask students to highlight any of the suggested connectives used, underline where the marking points have been met and set improvement targets. Follow up with DIRT.


Can be adapted to suit any subject.

Swap the markscheme for a writing frame on the back of the travel card.

For more tube map examples for science and English by @mr_pepperell, @JamieClark85 and @LauraLolder as well as the link to the metro map creator click here.

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