Google Sharing

  • Click here for a list of ASTs/SLEs/LPs (The doc contains their specialism(s), their interests and a link to their blogs/website!) 
  • Click here for a list of people with experience or expertise in Special Educational Needs provision/delivery- across the Twitter World!
  • Why not add some more information to this document? This document contains a list of useful websites teachers use for their lessons- it is organised by subject- Click here
  • Or you can visit my Pinterest page with a variety of useful websites to use in your classroom. Click here
  • Click here for a Google Doc with explanations of useful educational Apps
  • I am also collating some book reviews of educationally linked books- If you have read one and can provide a short review- Click and add whatever info. you can. Click here and add whatever info. you can. 
  • Here is a fantastic document by @BelmontTeach reviewing a lot of Edu Books- Click here

All Google Docs- can be opened- added to and when closed- they save all changes Automatically! Please feel free to add yourself/any information to the Google Docs. 

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