Concentric Squared


Create the below.
Example here by @tombrush1982

What to do:

This activity is a variation/adaptation of my earlier concentric square post- click here!

First question:
On an A5 sheet- What do we already know?
Stick the A5 sheet on an A4 sheet- What do we want to know?
Then stick the A4 sheet onto an A3 sheet- How will we find out the answers
Then A3 sheet stuck onto a larger piece of sugar paper- Where all additional info is added- marks in the exam, time, links to resources, other ideas, info, facts.
(This idea has been adapted by many- I first saw it being demonstrated by Dr Andy Love- an AST colleague of mine.)


Or simply use an A4 page with boxes within it, as seen below- use IDENTIFY, DESCRIBE, EXPLAIN....
Idea in action by @JamieClark85

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