Rotation Squares


Click here for examples of these Rotation Squares.
and here for more examples!

What to do:

The squares are an adaptation of my concentric squares idea. Click here.

The question must be placed in the middle of the page. Around the question are prompts explaining what must be done. Students then rotate around the square completing the question in particular sections.
The idea is for students to understand what is required for a particular question worth a particular amount of marks.

Or the rotation square can be used to show how a question can be worth many marks with a different command word. So the 1 mark version can go in the middle and then the 2 mark, 3 mark and 4 mark around the outside. 

The rotation squares shows the subtle differences between questions and how much they are worth. Exploring exactly what is required from you. 


Idea from @TomBrush1982 post written/explained by me. Variations added by @SLT_Kat

Y10 table graffiti rotation squares. Thanks to @CHASEpsychsocio for template and @ASTsupportAAli for original idea
— Sociology at HGSC (@SociologyHGSC) February 27, 2015

First successful use of rotation squares for collaborative essay planning #PedagooFriday
— Molly Rose (@mollyrose54) January 16, 2015

Blog of the Week: rotation squares via @ASTsupportAAli
— John Smith (@HoDTeacher) February 11, 2015

@mollyrose54 used rotation squares today to review our recent year 10 mock.Students loved it. Thanks @ASTsupportAAli
— Thornleigh RE dep (@TSC_re_dep) February 10, 2015

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