A4/A3/A2 paper

What to do:

Give your students a piece of paper. Ask them to fold the page in half. Then again. Then again! That will make 8 sections. (You can pick as many or as few sections as you like, I would suggest 4 be the minimum and 8 maximum- but use both sides?)

You then have lots of options with what to do with the different sections. It will essentially depend on the type of lesson you are running.

1 block for...
  1. Keywords
  2. Command Words
  3. Common Questions
  4. Typical Mistakes
  5. Key Facts
  6. Exam questions
  7. Useful Websites/Page references
  8. Additional info
Or you can use the page as a revision page- dividing each section into topics- students can then use a variety of revision methods for each block.
Students can fill in a box each and pass their paper on to their peers to add more information to it.

They can answer a question, get feedback and try the question again. 
See here and here.

Students can also use this as a planning tool- use each box for a different section of an essay! (See Peer Production line post) or, students write a 6 mark question; 1 mark in each box? 1 box for peer reflection and 1 for self/teacher comments? Or- PEEL- point, evidence, explain and link? 
You can also get the students to make Foldables from their paper.

Great post here by @RLJ1981 HERE

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