Slow Writing


Use the prompts created by @LearningSpy on @David_Triptico fab website to help. Click HERE.

(Slow Writing idea is from @LearningSpy's book.) 

What to do:

The focus of this task is to get students to slowwwwww down their writing. Students should take time to consider each sentence, thinking carefully before they begin their writing.

Students are given sentence by sentence prompts of what their overall paragraph of writing should involve. The simple aim is to get students to focus very carefully on each word, each language feature and punctuation within the writing.

This task can be easily differentiated by giving different writing prompts depending on the ability of the students.

I have been using this for my creative writing controlled assessment for GCSE English, along with RE lessons on working on how to answer a 6 mark question- using the FARMER technique.

Variations/More info:

Read the full detailed post - Slow Writing by @LearningSpy here 

Image from @LearningSpy and @David_Triptico website

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