Maths Criminals

Maths Criminals - Post exam reflection.


Mini whiteboards, display board and camera. 
Download the template from HERE

What to do:

Following a review of a student assessment there is always (at least) one question that the students know they should have gained full marks on - in Maths this results in a real “face palm” moment. 

Allocate one of your display boards for “Wanted” posters, and get the students to admit their “crime” convict style with a whiteboard. I didn’t use anything fancy, just changed the colour on the pics so that they are all black and white and added a border around each one, so that each one is a little like a wild west “Wanted” poster – there is a template attached if you really want to go to town (replace the clip art with photos of each student showing their crime).

Be sure to make it clear that participation is optional, but you will genuinely be surprised how well received it was. 

Some of you may want to produce a “Disclaimer Notice” along the lines of “No animals or children were harmed and participation was voluntary”

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