Getting it wrong


Past exam papers or exam style questions (1 between 2). 
(Optional - Large sheets of paper for making posters if you wish).

What to do:

Students work in pairs on past exam questions, to consciously but CONVINCINGLY get the wrong answer. The idea is that they are to consider what mistakes could possibly have been made and get their head around why they happen, in an effort for them to become conscious of the obvious mistakes, made under exam conditions.

The pairs then combine with another pair to try to convince them why their “wrong” answer/s are the most plausible and most likely to happen. Encourage the students to ask “why would that happen?” or “where would that idea come from?” type questions so that they develop an awareness of the source of the misconceptions.


You can if you wish get the groups to produce their own “classic mistakes” posters showing all the ways that mistakes are likely to be made and then highlighting the one that they feel is most likely to be made.

Guest post by @JustMaths-