#TMbett2014 @astsupportaali from Mr A Ali

This is what I would have presented if I was selected for #TMBett2014 the worlds biggest Teach Meet! I am gutted that I missed out on the opportunity to present to 650 teachers!
HOWEVER- I am opening up #TMWycombe on Weds. 26th of Feb, being organised by @nmckain Click HERE to register to attend and or present!

These are some of my most popular ideas from this toolkit. I have judged this from the amount of hits and from the feedback from Teachers all around the world! I really value the pictures I am sent with the adaptations and use of the posts/ideas.

(ALL the ideas in the above PowerPoint have an individual post here on the toolkit.)

Thank you all.

Some fab Ideas I picked up from the TeachMeet will be added here...

A good summary can be found here by https://twitter.com/mistercollard