Reflection Bubbles


Or a thought bubble and a speech bubble shape printed on to paper/Thought bubble stickers.

How it works:

The bubbles can be used as a useful AfL/reflection tool.
The speech bubble is where thye record what they’re most confident in, or what they feel has gone well. The thought bubble is used for their ‘Even Better If’

The shapes should be different! 

The speech bubble is a more of a definitive shape: Students should state what they feel confident in and the thought bubble is for thinking about where to head next or what could be improved upon.

Decide on when you want to use this reflection tool:

What to do: 

On my Learning board I have two models of what this reflection tool looks like with sentence starters in for the pupils to use. 

I also have a bunch of thought and speech bubbles printed out and cut up so pupils can write on them and stick them in their books. Alternatively they can do it straight into their books but I like to give them the slip of paper sometimes to make it more official and so it stands out more!


Change what you want pupils to write in each bubble depending on context.

Scaffold/offer a framework with sentence starters to shape their reflections

Guest post by @kathydarlison85

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